Faithfulness and Obedience are Success…

” Small things are important to God, and I think I can say this authoritatively; I think they are the most important to Him. “

Doug Pacheco

Everyone wants to leave their mark on history. I do. But I find I try to manage what that will be and the truth is, how we are perceived by next generations will not be by the big things we do to impress others but by the Unremarkable things that we do in our everyday lives that no one but God sees. Being faithful to a friend, helping someone behind the scenes to get the credit.

Small things are important to God, and I think I can say this authoritatively ; I think they are the most important to Him. Because when He sees faithfulness in small things, He knows we will be faithful in the big ones.

I remember working at a pizza restaurant in Owensboro Kentucky. I went about my daily routine just trying to do the best I could. I was a new Christian wanting to serve God. One of my co workers saw me show up on time and work hard. One day she asked me, “Why are you different?” I told her about Jesus. Kathy was baptized and started going to my church.

It’s always the unremarkable things that influence the most. Making your bed, cleaning up after others…the list goes on and on. Self gets placed on the back burner…but God sees and never forgets.

Matt Chandler said it this way:

“One of the things we don’t preach well is that ministry that looks fruitless is constantly happening in scripture. we don’t do conferences on that. There aren’t too many books written about how you can toil away all your life and be unbelievably faithful to God and see little fruit this side of heaven. And yet God sees things differently. Faithfulness is success…obedience is success.” Matt Chandler – The Explicit Gospel.

Faithfulness and Obedience are success…

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